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First time out and I broke the sander in the first five minutes by pressing too hard. A pair of folding shelves dying to escape from under a sticky orange 1970’s stain that wouldn’t let go. 20 years later, and I’m still breaking sanders doing something I love – breathing new life into great pieces to help people buy modern furniture for less! hausmodern started sort of by accident. I was getting kind of sick of Craigslist meet ups gone wrong (even though I still have a soft spot for CL bargain-hunting 😀), and Facebook Marketplace has only made it a little bit better. “Is this still available?”  YES already!!!! There must be a better way to buy and sell good quality used furniture, right? After all, people are moving place more and more often these days. And while that awesome new dining set from West Elm, EQ3 or CB2 looked great six months ago, we all know how it feels when it just won’t fit in the new place. It’s time to move on! Then I was given some beautiful Marimekko cotton print by my good friend Gordon, and picked up some solid wood dining chairs that needed some tough love or were headed for landfill. While they looked great from afar, up close they were a mess. Scratched, dinged, broken seat back, stained seats. Here are two of my sons, Patrick and Felipe, working on turning those dining chairs into a pair of Marimekko accent chairs. Patrick to me, “Daddy, I’m really not sure I should be allowed to use this!” 😂.  He did just fine. And once we took them apart and sprayed them distressed white, adding the Marimekko gave those classic lines a modern twist.
So hausmodern is just starting out. Working on our own projects, supporting other local furniture makers, and eventually opening up to everyone in Metro Vancouver. We’re here to help people buy and sell beautiful modern furniture without breaking the bank, or the planet. If you are into modern furniture, and see opportunities to help each other, get in touch! — Jon jon [at] hausmodern.ca

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